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Wedding photography should be considered an art. This is something that I truly believe 

in. As a photographer at a wedding I believe that we should be everywhere throughout 

the day without being seen or even being felt. We like to have an invisible presence while 

capturing the moments of your special day. Yes, wedding photography is an art and this 

practice is what makes it an art.

When you sit down and open up a wedding magazine there are many things that should 

make you say wow! The photographs that you see should capture many different aspects 

of a wedding day. You should be able to see and feel the different emotions from the 

family members, be able to imagine the interactions of all of the guests just like you were 

mingling with them and last but not least the wedding couple should have their most 

beautiful and memorable moments captured in photographs that will last forever.

It is our job to help you and your family remember every detail of your beautiful wedding 

day. This day is one of the most special days of your lives together. It is important that 

every blissful moment be captured in time. This is why we are here.

It is my pleasure to be a part of your special day and I look forward to being the 

photographer at your wedding.





As the time goes by, your memories will fade away. This is when you will look back at your wedding photographs. Having a privilege to save your memories in a set of images is really rewarding for me. Not only I fulfil my heart and soul by sharing positive energy in my work, but I also document a real story of the day…


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